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Randa Florez is an award-winning newspaper reporter. She is the only member of the press granted interviews with murderer Jona Beck. Beck had brutally murdered her drug dealer and perhaps others. The drifter/drug addict avoided the death penalty by using the insanity plea. But when she escapes, her enemy’s list not only includes Randa Florez…but the reporter is at the top of Beck’s execution list.

That is not a healthy place to be, as Randa learns.
The women in her life concur. Alison Pagette is the stunning executive that glides in and out of Randa’s life. She strongly suggests Randa take precautions. Randa meets Officer Nevada O’Bryan – and has feelings for the adorable cop. Nevada would like to be her bodyguard.

Her discordant family agrees that Randa needs to be careful. The paternal Florez side of her family worries about her safety. A rift with her mother, Erika Randolph, and her maternal grandparents, becomes its own worry. Her grandmother is dying, and Randa refuses to be at the woman’s bedside. She has her reasons.

Life is a puzzle and Randa Florez desperately needs to find the solution – terror is near.