Trevar’s Team: 1


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Three Private Investigators are a Team!

Beryl Trevar, Rachel Rosen, and Summer Wade are always on duty when it comes to an intriguing murder case. The Sapphic trio is an amazing blend of savvy, intelligence, sensuality, daring, and heart.

The detective Team knows how to use each attribute, and they also know how to use their Berettas.

They live in Palm Beach, Florida aboard a yacht. Each woman has an exciting, intricate, and entangled backstory. Each has her own reason for wanting to capture the bad-asses of the world.

The Team has another commonality. They all have an enormous appreciation of women. They’re all tough, edgy, tender, gorgeous, and resilient. What more can main characters hope to be?

Their yacht is named The Radclyffe-Hull. Hmmmm. Well, then! Was the word romantic used in the Team’s description? If not, it should have been.

They are a Team of brave and clever romantics!