Blushing Aspen

blushing aspen

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Though this edition is not published by Scarlet Clover Publishers, it exclusively features our premiere author- Kieran York’s poetry.

The aspen tree sends out its branches – grown by days and years. Limbs are the expandable balance of life. Each branch fills with twigs and leaves. Our lives are similar to trees. Time and events nourish us, and weather us. Branches often are both cultivated to display wonder and menaced to show wear. Each year the Aspen’s splendor reaches into the sky and presents its magnificent show of color. From green, to gold, to crimson – the spectacular display amazes. Autumn’s intensity is celebrated with its insignia of the aspen.

Our celebration is often remembrances. In Blushing Aspen, I offer my impressions – they encompass the sizzle of newfound life and love. Heartaches and hard times merge with laughter and happiness. There were seasons of learning about both our lives, and the lives of others. Closely, we examined bigotry – because it stalked us. As Sapphic women, we gathered and became sisters. Much of my poetry is about these days. I am glad for them all. I am fortunate for my family, friends, and my lovely lady. I am a blessed and blushing aspen.

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