Realm of Belonging


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Realm of Belonging is Kieran York’s second volume of Sapphic Poetry. As with her other poetry and fiction, York explores Sapphic love and life.
Blushing Aspen, was released in 2014. It was the 2014 Sappho’s Corner Solo Poets Series selection. It was also the recipient for the Poetry category of the Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention for 2014, and a nominee for the 2014 Golden Crown Literary Society Award.

Excerpts from Realm of Belonging:

In the world’s immense vastness –
we belong.
In the immeasurable universe –
we monopolize one another’s dreams.
I was her sidekick – but I’d impacted her.
Now I am the best investment she ever made.
No one could ever love her more.
My only true enterprise was my desire for her –
and for her happiness.
We shall live together for all times
in the Realm of Belonging.

~ Kieran York, “Realm of Belonging”


The music perked up as the rainbow illuminated the sky.
The poets believed it was resting atop the mountains.
The next gathering of The Poetry Playground Group
would explore the feasibility of a mountain wearing a rainbow.

~ Kieran York, “Poetry Playground”