Trevar’s Team: 2

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Three Private Investigators are a Team and they are back for more!

Trevar’s Team is embroiled in two murder mysteries. They are hired to solve the homicide of Wendell Perrault, a wealthy Palm Beach cosmetics company mogul. Perrault has enemies. Violent enemies – and one of them ambushed him. This mystery becomes personal for the trio. During the murderous attack, one of the three detectives takes a bullet to save the life of Perrault’s wife.

While working on this case, there is another homicide. A young busker with a mental disability from a brain injury is murdered. The woman’s identity is hidden, and she is known only as Pixy.

For the Team, it is again personal. Beryl, Rachel, and Summer, as well as most of the folks in Palm Beach, adore the busker’s acrobatic shows, and her personality. Pixy has one enemy. However, if her identity isn’t discovered, finding the culprit is much more difficult.

Beryl Trevar, Rachel Rosen, and Summer Wade, are a tough Sapphic team of savvy, brave, intelligent, and gorgeous detectives. They are determined to weed out the enemies of Wendell Perrault. Even though eliminating them one at a time is a dangerous undertaking.

They are also committed to finding the one enemy of Pixy.

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