Ballad of Raindrops

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Poet-Songwriter Nolie Cassidy’s existence had always been unorganized. Although Nolie’s life had settled down in recent years, it was again disrupted.

Not only was she on the brink of becoming a fifty-years old, she had lost everything she considered to be of value to her. Her constant companion, a precious old Irish setter had died. Her inkwell dried up, and her guitar was in hibernation.

Libby Hershel, the woman she was in love with, had let her down. Nolie was once again a vagabond. She was now without a song, a lyric, a home, her beloved sidekick dog, and without the woman she loved.

Nolie previously wrote poems and songs that came from some magical Muse. She believed even her Muse had gone missing.

That was until Nolie herself became lost in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Then she realized she was the one who’d gone missing. And she was assuredly lost.

To be found, it took a storm, along with the friendship of a dog she despised. It also took the love of a woman who never gave up on Nolie.