Festival of a Moment

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Festival of A Moment by Kieran York is the second volume of York’s ‘Thought Trilogy’ poetry. She refers to this huge series as a ‘thought trilogy’ because a great deal of the poetry style is stream of consciousness. Her interior monologue trilogy includes early work, as well as recent compositions.

Once Word was the first in the series, followed by Festival of a Moment. And the third book of poetry, scheduled for 2018, will be titled, Knapsack of Stars. York’s previous work include: Blushing Aspen, which was published as Sappho’s Corner Solo Poets Series for 2014. It received the Rainbow Award Honorable Mention for poetry. It was also a finalist in the Poetry Category of the Golden Crown Literary Award.

In 2015, her poetry book titled Realm of Belonging, was released by Scarlet Clover Publishers. In 2016, her poetry volume, Once Word was released.

Included in this new volume are a dozen sections: Festival of a Moment; Sky Orchard; Prize-Winning Adventure; Ancestral Audience; Angel Path in the City; Etching Poetry; Photographs of Truth; Mapping Intimacy; Beyond Elsewhere; Blinking Vistas; Mob of Pinwheels; and Another Language for Love.

From Festival of a Moment: I believe that affection should be used as our letter of introduction.