Earthen Trinkets

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Earthen Trinkets

If you liked Appointment with a Smile, I think you’ll like Earthen Trinkets!

An over-sixty couple, a dilapidated Kansas farm near a seemingly bigoted small town, a twenty-two year old ex-juvie, financial woes, a wildlife reserve next door…and – This surely couldn’t be the tranquil retirement the two women had worked for all their adult lives.

From the Jacket:

Bryana Hays and her longtime partner, Michelle Dawson, were in their early sixties. They had dreamed of a comfortable retirement in Denver, Colorado. They could never have envisioned being penniless and living on a Kansas farm.

The farm was located near Buffalo Plains, Kansas – a town controlled by the wealthy, powerful, and bigoted, Roland family. The Rolands had a special disdain for the two new residence of their community. Tank Roland’s land bordered the Hays farm. He would like nothing better than to expand his wild game hunting reserve by getting title to Bryana and Michelle’s property.

The women were overwhelmed with work, so their best friend from Denver, L.J. Tracy, arrived with what she thought might be an answer to their farmhand problem. Ricki James was an ex-juvenile delinquent, a hardcore dyke, and was not meant for the homophobic small town.

Bryana questioned if she and Michelle would ever again know peace and tranquility. She wondered if they could save the farm – not only for themselves, but also the wildlife:

The thought remained. Year after year, her father had tended the land…And now she understood the peril involved when the gamble was against fate. Just as her parents had taken their stewardship over the land seriously, Bryana knew the land required reverence.