Night Without Time

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Night Without Time

The Brent family might very well be called ‘out of control.’ Some might ascribe the wordmadcap to them.

What a cast! What a story they weave. From giggles to tears – they provide it all.

One Day their lives were changed forever. A fortune presented itself.

The mother, Willa Brent, is sometimes befuddled and often staunch. At times she’s wiser than any sagacious parent has a right to be. Three sisters, approaching forty, are usually at odds. But their disharmony becomes intensified after the announcement of sudden wealth.

Eldest daughter Isabel is the housewife. Middle daughter is Vicky – a lesbian copywriter. Youngest is Leandra – a stunning ex-convict. The trio is maladjusted by nature – but after the announcement of wealth, more so than ever. Half a million dollars bring sibling rivalry, not only front and center, but to a new high.

These women are colorful and could be mistaken for ditzy, zany, quirky, or flaky. As far as their quaint, sweet Littleton, Colorado neighborhood goes – the women fit in beautifully.

One Night their lives were rearranged forever. They understood the meaning of fortune.
It was a Night Without Time!

Also being reprinted and reissued are Appointment with a Smile and Careful Flowers.

More releases to come in 2015. Scarlet Clover Publishers knows that Red Clover comes in three varieties: Scarlet is the most intense, crimson, and pink. Fields of Scarlet Clover are not bashful.