Touring Kelly’s Poem


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Kelly Benjamin is turning twenty when a skiing accident accelerates her life’s plan. Most importantly, her desire to write poetry is enhanced and rushed. She hungers for adventure that might become her poem.

Touring Kelly’s Poem takes place in 1963. Kelly is a student in a small Kansas town. After her dangerous close call, she relocates to spend her junior year in college out of the country – where she believes she can inhale, covet, and explore poetry.

In the early Sixties, women’s roles were cast for them. Be a ‘nice’ girl, and find a good man, and settle down. That was never on Kelly’s agenda.

In this enormous volume of two books in one, Kelly’s journey begins with her travels to Mexico City. There she will not only study poetry – but also life. With humor, and with the pathos known to youth, Kelly wants to learn the intricacies of love.

Guiding Kelly on her love-quest are her roommates. They are Nora, a ‘proper-minded’ fellow student. Erika, a wild European prostitute, and Leigh, a lesbian archeology student. Along the way, she also meets ‘good catch’ husband material. Her parents would approve of Eduardo, Carlos, and Kirk.

An assortment of roommates and acceptable young men should have been enough excitement for her. Then she met the beguiling Doctora. Now that was enough excitement of anyone.


TWO books in one, this literary novel comes in at 134,000 words and 520 pages. Enjoy!